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Deep dive into your products and improve your business everyday

Product Information Management

Lyzer lets you manage and control your product information and optimize if for all channels, maintain a single source of truth. Venturing to new markets and geographies made quick and simple.


Multi-Channel eCommerce

Lyzer easily integrates and consolidates data from major platforms like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Google Analytics, Share a Sale, gathers data seamlessly. All your business related data residing in one centralized location.


Product Focused Analytics

Lyzer helps you in focusing on your most important asset that makes your brand successful, your products. Easily find and focus on products which have the potential of becoming your star products. Know every detail about your products.


Lyzer.io - Product Information Management & Analytics

Lyzer helps you with quick go to market, gathering better data and boosting revenue. It is a unique product analytics tool completely focused on your most important asset – “Products”. It helps in maintaining the one source of truth about your products either related to copy & content or inventory & sales. This deep understanding about your products help you in decision making which in return take your brand to the next level.

Lyzer.io: Product Information Management & Analytics highlights:

  • We use more than 100+ data points for scoring your products. While scoring we not only use the sales related data points but also it considers the quality of your product copy and descriptions.
  • The scores can be used to understand which product needs your attention and which product have the potential of becoming your next star product.
  • We use dynamic scoring techniques to identify the stage of the product life-cycle to categorize them into four product segments:
    1. Seed – Newly launched products and needs supervision.
    2. Sprout – Products which have shown great potential having high profit margins and great sell through.
    3. Tree – Matured products which have high volume but less profit margins.
    4. Bare- Products which are very slow moving and needs to be liquidated as soon as possible.
  • We consolidate real-time data from various platforms:
    1. Product information data like Title, Descriptions etc. from Shopify, Amazon, eBay and Walmart
    2. Order related data from all marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart as well as Shopify based brand stores.
    3. The Inventory can be synced across all the platforms
    4. Website conversion related data from Google Analytics.
    5. All affiliate program data from Share A Sale and CJ
    6. Performance marketing related data from Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads
  • We can create real-time catalog feeds for Facebook & Instagram, Google Shopping Ads and Bing Shopping Ads
  • Our robust Product Information Management Module can help with:
    1. All the essential information like SKU, Title, Descriptions, UPCs, prices, measurements etc.
    2. Channel Specific information for Amazon, eBay, Walmart etc.
    3. Workflow management with multi-users and roles like Creator, Approver and Reviewer
    4. Easily import and export information with our pre-configured templates.
    5. All your Digital Media Assets like images, videos banners and posters can be stored without worrying about space or performance.
    6. Lyzer also supports Multi-Lingual copy for the true cross-border experience.

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